Friday, February 3, 2012


Hi Folks,

Today's jobs number was quite the surprise. It helped push the NASDAQ to an 11 year high. I have heard that those of you who "Follow by Email" are not getting the emails in a timely manner. That is my I decided to add the follow by Twitter button on page. I will Tweet my trades and summarize them in this blog. If you choose to follow me on Twitter, you can receive a text from Twitter when I post on Twitter. Just go to your list of people you are following, find me and in the drop down click the "Turn on mobile notifications" and when I Tweet you will get a text.

Today I sold TBT. I mentioned it on Tuesday afternoons blog. At the time, TBT was trading at 18.15. Sold it this morning at 19.30. I still own the March 21 calls. I bought those for .16 and they closed at .36 today. I still think we have more upside in TBT. If we make another push higher in TBT early next week, I should have triple(.48) on those calls and will probably sell at least half the position.

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