Friday, August 21, 2015

Market Crash Redux

Hi Folks,

Well it looks like the beginning stages of the selloff that I have been talking about is here. I think SPY will drop to 190 within the next 2 weeks. If that level doesn't hold the next level is 175. 190 would be a 10% drop off the highs but in my opinion just the beginning of the bigger selloff. Again, I have many scenarios that may unfold. The best case is a 30% selloff and the worst case is an 80% selloff. Any way you slice it, it's not good. Hopefully you took my advice and talked to your financial advisor about collaring off your positions. The market doesn't normally just go straight down so if you have not taken action you will get a chance to do so. The bottom will probably take 2 years to unfold.

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