Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Hi Folks,

Sorry it has been a while since my last post. I have been working on the new website. It will be ready soon. I will keep you posted with the details.

As for the market, the long term up trend is still intact currently around 136.50 in terms of SPY. This week is the end of the month and more importantly end of quarter. That can mean some end of quarter marking up of positions for hedge funds and mutual funds. That equals volatility which to me equals opportunity.

I did end up selling my TBT calls on the last day for .32 so I doubled my money on those. The only trade I did this week so far was to buy the weekly options for VXX March 16 calls on Monday for .45 and I sold them yesterday at an average price of .94. I will be posting more regularly now here and on Twitter now that the bulk of the work on the website is finished.

As always feel free to comment here and ask questions about any particular stock or ETF etc..

Thanks and Good Trading,


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  1. Your rise of profits in call options sounds really interesting! I was eager to read more about it :P but guess you were running out of time! Well, I would come back once again to keep myself posted about your trading experiences. :)