Thursday, March 11, 2010

Being Early On A Call Is Another Way Of Saying I Was Wrong

Hi Folks,

I was early on my call about being short term bearish on the market. That is trader speak for admitting you were wrong. With that being said, I am still beaish on the market. This market is sliding upwards on low volume. A sign that it is mostly short covering and speculating. The big money isn't buying. I am beginning to average in over the next several days on the short side. I will buying short ETFs. I will probably find a stock or two to also short(none as of yet).

I got out of my short positions in BAC and CREE with small profits. Hopefully you listened to me and got out of your long GOLD positions. I am still watching to wait for direction in GOLD.

I am trying to commit o writing at least once a week going forward and gradually daily.

Thanks and Good Trading,

Tim Winters

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